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Preparing your Property For Sale


PropertyMove Home Staging is offered to help you achieve the true value of your home.

If you are thinking of selling you maybe asking yourself if their anything that you can do to prepare your property for sale?

In the past little thought was given to preparing homes for sale. Estate agents are traditionally trained to handle property enquiries, how to get instructions to put properties on the market, and how to advertise a property and negotiate sales, but little training on how to prepare property for sale. In many places it is still presumed that the seller should somehow just know what to do and how to do it. But when it comes to Home Staging, “you can’t see the wood for the trees.” It’s hard to recognise what’s around you when you live in the midst of it all the time. You get used to it. It becomes your background and you simply don’t see it anymore.

The Right Presentation

PropertyMove Home Staging can guide you and show you what to do, how to do it, and how to get it right easily.

PropertyMove Home Staging has been developed combining our knowledge of the British Property Market with the experience gained in the American Property Market where Home Staging has been around for over 25 years, the result - PropertyMove Home Staging.

PropertyMove Home Staging


Staging is very visual. It is all about presentation. It aims to make things pleasing to the eye. Enthusiasm and passion are a part of Home Staging, too.

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Will it get me more money?

Remember, buyers determine how much a product will sell for. That is just as true when you are selling a house. Some Sellers believe that they set the price when they sell a property, but actually it is the marketplace that sets the price. ‘A house is worth only what a buyer will pay for it’.

A house has two buyers: One is the buyer who eventually purchases the house, but until then, the seller is the previous buyer. It is worth asking yourself, would you buy your house back for the price you are asking?

Offering a property beyond the price range of your property is not the objective of Home Staging. There is little point in competing with properties in the next price range. By the time you reduce the price the property is now stale and in our experience tends to sell for less rather than more. Price it right to begin with, and even more important, Stage it from the start. Remember you - never get a second chance to make a first impression. A Property on the market gains a reputation - either positive or negative?

Today Homebuyers are more demanding than they were 25 years ago. A home is one of the most important and most expensive things any of us ever buy.

Three things sell a house: One is price, another is location and the third is presentation. We can only control price and presentation, we have experience of Home Staging helping to sell many homes that at first glance seemed overpriced, but because they were staged, their true value became evident and they sold. And they sold for the asking price or close to it.

We know that if these homes hadn’t been staged, their true value would not have been appreciated and the sellers would have had to lower their price to get them sold.

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What is Home Staging?

Well first of all Home Staging is not a part of the decorating industry. You do not need to spend thousands of pounds to prepare your home for sale. Neither is Home Staging a part of the furniture sales business.

The goal of Staging is to sell your house and the space inside it that is what Home Staging is all about. Your investment is in your property. The space is what you are selling. We want to show you how staging a home for sale can be done in easy, simple ways that work. Our Service is about using our and your creativity. ‘Helping You to Stage to Sell’.

PropertyMove Home Staging

Waiting too long to sell is not good?

When one parent has to start work in another area and the rest of the family gets left behind because their house hasn’t sold, that’s not good.

When you have found a property you want, and you have to give away some of the equity in your house to avoid losing it, that’s not good.

When a couple is divorcing and they can’t move forward with their lives because their house won’t sell, that’s not good.

The answer - Stage to Sell, however don’t make the mistake that Staging will get you more money than your property is worth, ‘What it does is to highlight the true value of your property’.

PropertyMove Home Staging is a simple process that unfolds step by step.

The Steps to Home Staging

  • Staging is about having fun.
  • Staging is about using items, accessories, and pieces of furniture in new ways. Audition things in new roles!
  • Staging is about creating space to live in, with possibly less around you.
  • Staging is using what you have to create a selling “scene” in your home.
  • Staging is putting many extra things away.
  • Staging is packing those collections up early.
  • Staging is decluttering.
  • Staging is sparkle cleaning your property.
  • Staging is about the colours you use inside and outside.
  • Staging is being committed to getting your property ready for sale.
  • Staging is clearing your rooms, one by one, so buyers can envisage themselves living there.
  • No one will buy a home until they can mentally move in. That’s hard to do when the rooms have too much clutter and furniture.

If you have a vacant property, you may need to bring furniture into the house. You need to set the scene and create features in every room, but you can rent the furniture. We are available to help you do that. Why would you want to buy thousands of pounds’ worth of furniture when you can just rent it for the time your property is on the market, at far less cost?

Home Staging is about setting the scene in your home. It is not about spending thousands of pounds to do so.

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Now that you have decided to put your house on the market, you must begin to think of your home as a house, as a product. This means moving on in your mind. Your home is full of memories, and you don’t want to leave any of them behind. But you’re taking those memories with you! If you’re going to sell your house and get the top price for it, you must make it attractive. Like a product, people will be drawn to your house because it looks better than other properties in the range.

That’s where Staging comes in. Why offer your house “at its second best” instead of “the best it can be”? Buyers viewing your property make decisions with every inch they walk. So go over your house inch by inch. Set the scene inch by inch.


Ask yourself, “If you were going to sell your car, what would you do before showing it to potential buyers?” You can hear the reply, “Wash it, wax it, vacuum it, clean out the junk, and touch up the chips.”

Where do you have the most equity—in your car or in your house? So it makes perfect sense to invest the most care in the house you want to sell for the highest possible price.

However, its not surprising that most people don’t know the secrets, the skills, and tips of Staging. They put their home on the market the way they live in it. We can show you how to Stage it. By staging your house, you’ll immediately pull it ahead of the competition. You remove all those things that distract the buyer from the property. You’re selling the house, not your personal things, and that’s the key to Home Staging.


Staging is not decorating. Decorating means personalising your space; staging is depersonalising it. Staging is not about the personal things you love or your favourite colour rug. Staging is about getting a property sold. Decorating is optional. Staging is essential.

PropertyMove Home Staging

We want to get your property sold, regardless of the state of the economy. Even as the market goes up and down, the market is still going up. If you want to sell, you can only change yourself, not the buyers. What you can do is Stage your house and sell it at a profit. You want your property to look at its very best, so it will sell for the top price.

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Buying a house can be exhausting. By the time potential buyers arrive on your doorstep, they have probably readied their own home for sale. At this point, all they’re looking for is a clean, peaceful house to purchase and move into— somewhere they can relax, feel comfortable, and make their own.

Most buyers don’t want to do anything to a house initially, that’s at least for the first few months. Their energy is sapped and their resources strapped. They just want to move in and sit back for a while. Let your house be the haven they fall in love with.


SELLER: Now that we’re leaving, we don’t want to invest in this house; we want to use the money for our next house.

TIP from PropertyMove Home Staging: Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. When you Stage your home, you’re investing in your most important possession and maximising your equity. If your home will sell for thousands more after you buy a new sink and work surfaces for a few hundred pounds, you are ahead of the game.

By staging your property, you’ll have more to invest in your new home. And many Staging ideas cost nothing. That’s where the creativity of Staging comes in—and it works! Speak to our PropertyMove Home Staging Associate – to see how you can stage your home without dipping into your savings?

Consider your potential buyers: Your property must appeal to the buyers. ‘Buyers tend to remember what they see, rather than how it’s going to be’.

If you went into Marks & Spencers or Debenhams and found a blouse you liked but the buttons were missing, you’d ask for a discount, wouldn’t you? The same is true with houses. So make sure your house is staged to be the best it can be. Be proud and confident. And let PropertyMove Home Staging Associate be your director. So let’s get ready to Stage!

Take the first step to achieving the true value of your home by using PropertyMove Home Staging.

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