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Independent Financial Advice?


One question people ask the most is where can they find a reliable source of financial advice that will be around for as long as they need it.


It's not difficult to see why the question of advice is so important. There are hundreds of insurance and investment groups out there, all competing for our custom. Add to these the banks and building societies and most people feel at the centre of a bewildering maze, one that has no obvious escape route.


Finances are bound to be important. At all stages of our adult lives we have to think about our financial situation. When we are young we tend to work as hard as possible to establish a base for a future standard of living. We take out a mortgage, often the first contact we have with the complexities of the financial world. Insurance and savings come next, protection should the family lose a breadwinner is the next concern, paying for children's upbringing is another. And during all this we have to think about what we are going to live on when we stop working.


Tax is another worry. None of us want to pay too much but neither do we want to fall foul of the Inland Revenue. Once we have acquired wealth, preserving it is another big concern.


The trouble is there is no simple answer. Not only are there hundreds of companies trying to meet our needs but the problems we need solving are constantly changing as we get older and our circumstances change.


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Doing it yourself


Surely people can manage their own affairs without seeking advice? True, there is nothing to stop you going out and buying your own mortgage, insurance, investments and pensions if you have the time and the inclination. Let's face it, the financial services industry is not good at making life simple. Read the all-important small print of most policies and you are faced with a minefield. Not surprisingly, most people seek advice.


Even if you understand all the jargon, how can you be sure you getting the best deal? Some companies are more competitive in certain areas than in others and with so many products in the market, choosing the best one becomes a real ordeal.


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