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Legal Aspects of Selling a Property


Once you accept an offer on your property your solicitor will prepare a contract which is submitted to your purchasers solicitor. Your Solicitor will deal with any specific queries raised by the purchasers solicitor.

Your estate agent working with our panel of Solicitors, lenders, Financial advisors, surveyors and other parties can help avoid delays that can stand in the way of your successful sale. Members of the team have the experience to deal with problems whether caused by problems on a survey, or dealing with issues emanating from the chain of related property sales. Such delays can be minimised by effective communication and keeping all parties informed of proceedings.

Legal Aspects of Selling a Property

As the date for exchange of contracts approaches, a moving date is agreed and contracts are exchanged.

We will be pleased to introduce you to a member of our Panel of Solicitor's who will aim to keep you informed at every stage of your transaction.

If you would like a quotation for legal conveyancing services click 'Solicitor Advice' link at the top. You will receive from a solicitor a full written quotation, including an explanation of any other payments that have to be made.